Minaldo also offers a small sitting area to experience moments of pleasant well-being,
far from the hustle and bustle that characterize modern life.
The traditional Finnish sauna is one of the oldest most popular heat baths:
with a simple session it allows to perspire through sweat and therefore eliminate
the tension and the toxins from the body and the impurity of the skin.

- Beneficial effects -
it stimulates circulation
it strengthens the immune defence system
it cleanses and nourishes the skin
it relaxes and regenerates both body and mind

Sauna and wellness areas are reserved, so booking is necessary
from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 5 people. Following the best tradition,
the host has to be naked. Bathrobe, towel and disposable swimming suit are provided.

Wellness program

Available upon reservation.
Our proposal includes a wine-tasting,
a small buffet with seasonal fruits,
herbal teas and the use of the AUFGUSS Finnish sauna*.

The sauna and wellness area need to be booked
(minimum of 3 to a maximum of 8 people).

Bathrobe, towel and a disposable bathing suit are provided by Minaldo.
The program takes about 2 hours.

€ 25 per person

* AUFGUSS (löyly) with essential oils

- Sauna rules -

The most important moment
of the Sauna is the AUFGUSS

Is the nane given to the cast of steam in the finnish sauna.
A ritual almost indispensabile for the "saunisti".
During this pratice are thrown on the hot stones of the stove
ice balls enriched with essential oils, thus giving rise to the
that the saunameister is to release into the environment.

Essential oils used during aufguss promote relaxation and well-being,
taking advantage also to the respiratory tract.
Sweating is more intense and increases the beneficial effects of the sauna. 

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Wellness list


Finish sauna, relaxing herbal teas.
€ 10 per person

Sauna with aufguss (steam thrown) with essential oils,
aperitif, wine tasting, relaxing herbal teas.
€ 15 per person

Body Scrub with products to grape, followed by
hydrating treatment with grapeseed oil.
CAUDALIE products.
€ 10 per person

50 minutes.
€ 50

N.B. Please book the sauna with an hour and a half in advance.
Massages are performed by masseuse enabled.