Minaldo is a traditional country farmhouse, surrounded by the vineyards of Dogliani.

A careful restoration work with the use of traditional materials
and original furnishings,
finished in Autumn 2012, transformed the ancient portion of the farmstead.
Here you can feel the atmosphere of the typical farms, perfectly
fit to live unforgettable holidays.
The charming and vast breakfast room with its vaulted brick ceilings,
once used as a stable, now offers a lovely
view of the vineyards and hills.
The impressive wellness area, with the great Finnish sauna,
allows to spend hours relaxing.

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Schellino farm since the mid-Nineteenth Century. Purchased by the
great-grandparents of the current owner, this former country house
was once completely surrounded by vineyards.

It was part of a complex of three farms and is the big huge, was then divided,
following several inheritances and legacies, but the three farms are still clearly visible
along the road to Minaldo once left the main road.

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Managed by sharecroppers until the World War II, it became a summer house
for the owners, who lived in town during the other months of the year.
Here the grain was grown, the vineyards, wider than today, were taken care of,
and the cattle was bred.

In the 70s the current owner Adalberto Schellino transformed it all into a true
family farm, recovering the tradition of wine making and choosing the Dogliani wine (a typical Dolcetto) as the main activity.

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