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The farm was founded in 1969 in Dogliani,
located in an area named Our Lady of Grace.
Owners Adalberto and his son Edoardo passionately
take handle the entire production process,
from the vineyard to the wine-making and bottling,
in order to obtain a unique wine, appreciated and
recognized as one of the best Dolcetto in the Dogliani area.

The two hectares of land are wonderfully exposed
from South–West to South–East.
They consist in calcareous marls, the best soil for wine,
and the vines have been planted there since 1960 to 2003.

The current production is around 15,000 bottles per year and,
although the company keeps growing, the main goal
for Minaldo Farm remains keeping the quality standards
and uniqueness that distinguishes the wine.
The company's philosophy is to achieve an old-fashioned wine,
using winemaking processes that do not alter
the character of Dolcetto, highlighting its organoleptic
characteristics and preserving its taste, aromas
and flavours, as well as the balance that has
been achieved all through the years.

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